Trade Shows

We plan to participate or attend the following trade shows in 2019.

Date:                 Show:                                           Location:

Feb. 12-13       NCIA - Seed-to-Sale                  Boston, MA
Feb. 25-26       Central US Hemp Conf.           Rochester, MN
Mar. 29-30       NOCO Hemp Expo                   Denver, CO
April 18-19      Cannacon                                   Oklahoma City, OK
June 3-4          Eastern US Hemp Conf.          Albany, NY
June 6-9          Lift Expo                                      Toronto,ON 
June 12-14     MJ Biz Daily                                New Orleans, LA
June 21-22     Cannacon                                   Detroit, MI
July 13             GPN Cannabis Conf.               Columbus, OH
July 22-24       NCIA Business Summit          San Jose, CA
Aug. 17-18      CannaGrow                                Palm Springs, CA
Sept. 4-6         NCIA - Seed-to-Sale                  Long Beach, CA
Sept. 6-7         Southern Hemp Expo               Nashville, TN
Oct. 3-4           Expo Cannabis                          Montreal, QB
Dec. 9-13        MJ Biz Expo and Show             Las Vegas, NV

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