Nexus has a long history of innovativation with different techniques to cool a greenhouse from natural to mechanical ventilation.  Natural ventilation has garnered a larger stake with the open roof houses and atrium vents. Traditional fan and pad systems are still common in areas that have temperatures and humidity that are conducive to evaporative cooling. Today's cannabis grower significantly benefits from this experience.

    Mechanical Ventilation

    Natural Ventilation - Roof Vents

    Natural Ventilation - Side Vents - Guillotine

    Natural Ventilation - Side Vents - Rack & Pinion/Curtains

Other Equipment

   Light Deprivation
   Greenhouse Lighting
   Insect Screening
   Odor Mitigation


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Why Nexus?

  • Manufacturing greenhouse structures with integrated agricultural technology since 1967
  • Benefits include: greater energy efficiency, better crop yields, more climate control, and favorable finances
  • Over 3,500,000 sf of cannabis structures built

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