Nexus carries many different bench styles depending on your application. Nexbench systems are either rolling or stationary benches used for growing or retail displays.  Palletized tray bench systems can be designed for particular crops and can become complete transport systems from planting to growing to shipping. We have developed a line of retail display benches with your customer in mind. Years of research and development have gone into these displays dealing with self watering systems to physical breakdown for easy storage when the season is over. Obtaining the best benching system for your cannabis growing operation is an important part of cultivation efficiency.


    Palletized Rolling Benches

    Trough Benches

Other Equipment

   Light Deprivation
   Greenhouse Lighting
   Insect Screening
   Odor Mitigation


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Why Nexus?

  • Manufacturing greenhouse structures with integrated agricultural technology since 1967
  • Benefits include: greater energy efficiency, better crop yields, more climate control, and favorable finances
  • Over 3,500,000 sf of cannabis structures built

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