Here is a sample of Nexus hybrid greenhouses, which are the best ones for cannabis cultivation. These hybrid systems consist of best practices based upon extensive cannabis greenhouse design experience.



Our most popular cannabis greenhouse is the traditional peak style design, which is adaptable to a variety of hard covering styles and multiple options in ventilation, heating and cooling systems.

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Grand Teton

The modified Gothic arch roof design of the Nexus Grand Teton combines the energy efficiency of the Teton design with outstanding condensate control from the steeper slope for high quality cannabis cultivation.

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The Venlo is a Dutch style greenhouse structure, known for its light transparency and energy retention. Expanded energy trusses provide an ideal mounting location for light deprivation curtains and equipment.

Steel Utility Building

The traditional Vail design is adaptable to a variety of metal coverings, making it ideal for a cannabis headhouse, processing building or office.

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